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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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missing and feared to have been abducted by militants. >> it hurts when one of our own, when a nice boy, when he goes missing. >> nbc 101 there as lawmakers joined family and friends to call for the safe return of aron sofer. aron has been missing since friday when he went hiking in the jerusalem forest. he is attending a religious school in israel. the military is investigating whether he was taken by palestinian militants. ted greenberg was in lakewood where he spoke to aron's family and friends. >> i have one message. please bring back my brother. >> reporter: from aron's loved ones and many others in his hometown, pleas and prayers for the safe return of the 23-year-old student missing in israel since friday. there are fears he may have been abducted. >> i would like to give a big thanks to everyone taking part
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in the search. i appreciate it. >> reporter: he vanished hiking with a friend in the jerusalem forest, an area bordered by jewish and arab communities. his parents in israel released this emotional message today. >> i beg of you, beg you, please if anyone sees aron, please call the police immediately. >> do what you must do. >> reporter: at a news conference, calls for the u.s. and israeli governments to step up their efforts to find sofer. some believe not enough was done from the outset. >> treat aron as if he was an israeli soldier missing. >> reporter: his dir appearance comes two months after a 16-year-old was kidnapped and killed with two other israeli teens in the west bank. their murder sparked tensions that triggered this summer's war in gaza. what has been alleged to have
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been an act of revenge last month by jews, a 16-year-old palestinian boy was kidnapped and burned to death in the same forest was sofer went missing. he is one of ten siblings. >> bring back my brother. i want to say, just bring back my brother. >> reporter: the parents said the fbi and american consulate have both joined the investigation. the family is offering a reward of nearly $28,000 to anyone who can find him. in lakewood, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 and nbc for new information. we will pass any new information along to you. we have more breaking news. police arrested a suspect in a series of robberies. they are looking for two more people as well. we showed you this video of who police were looking for. they say keith perkins turned himself in yesterday.
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detectives say the suspects are accused of targeting their victims after they left banks. here is a bert look at perkins. please are looking for joseph donaldson. he is the man on the right. as well as 52-year-old ronald singleton. new information from the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and sexual asaul of a philadelphia child. courtroom was cleared as a doctor told jurors about the child's injuries. christina regusters maintains she is not guilty. the doctor testified she has rarely seen rape injuries this severe. while injujurors were shaken regusters did not react. it could be consistent with an assault by a broom handle. she is the woman seen here in muslim garb taking the girl in january 2013. lu ann cahn will have more on
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today's testimony tonight at 6:00. a sussex county man charged with driving under the influence for the fifth time. andrew trala lost control of a dump truck last night. the truck overturned and the trailer it was carrying flipped and hid two utility poles knocking out power to residents. he was arrested at a hotel. his most recent dui arrest was in 2010. one thing for certain, philadelphia witness not be a ghost town this labor day weekend. >> throngs of people are expected to converge on the city. local leaders are bracing. here is why. ♪ made in america festival this weekend. this will be the third year for the event organized by the very popular jay z. it features dozens of musical acts. this shows all the progress they
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have made. tonight nbc 10's rose mary connors reports that while many open this event, not everyone is excited about it. >> i think it's a great idea. it's very good for the city. >> reporter: at the setup continues along the ben franklin parkway for the two-day made in america festival, drivers and neighbors are getting ready for the crowds. it's the third year. they know what to expect and they are prepared. >> nothing new to philadelphia. so many visitors used to it. i know i am. >> bus makes more noise than the conce concert. >> reporter: the concert shuts down a major artery in and out of the city. even those who appreciate the event, recognize the concert can be an inconvenience. >> annoying for dog walkers. i'm not going to be a hater. take different routes. >> there are some problems, problems with visiting people and getting out of the neighborhood.
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it's not as easy. traffic is tied up for quite a while. >> we are constantly tweaking to make it better. >> reporter: the mayor's office is focused on safety making sure people have enough water and that the crowd and noise stay in check. >> this is just a concert on the parkway. we do it well. this concert has a max of around 60 to $70,07 0,000. commuters may hit a dragon detour tomorrow. the city is going to host a parade for the taney dragons following their world series appearance. the parade makes its way down broad street. the mummers will play at broad and washington before the team ends up at fdr park in south philly for a huge rally. then the dragons head over to citizens bank park where the phillies will celebrate their achievements before tle take on the nationals.
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all fans will get a free taney dragons t-shirt. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you live coverage of the celebration tomorrow. show your taney spirit along the parade route. go to where you can print out your own taney placards you can hold. find that at labor day is days away. aaa says drivers will take advantage of low gas prices and hit the road. this holiday weekend more than 467,000 philadelphia area residents are expected to travel. it's the highest projection for the region since 2010. aaa says drivers will save money since gas prices are at its lowest point this year. the average price of a gallon of
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regular is now $3.47. that's perfect for people going on one final summer vacation. >> you haven't made plans for labor day weekend already and you are thinking maybe last minute you want to take that trip, maybe that drop in gas prices is going to be helpful for some people. >> the experts are keeping a close eye on tensions in the mideast and russia but say the oil supply is in good shape. one place people are headed is the jersey shore, especially on this hot august day. there's still that risk of rip currents in the surf. sheena parveen is tracking that rip current risk. >> the heat, it is finally starting to feel like summer out there. >> hotter temperatures moving in, especially today. we also have more 90-degree temperatures in the forecast as we go into your labor day weekend. in philadelphia, we are close to 90 at 88. northeast philly, same thing.
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and through the lehigh valley, in the mid to low 80s. it's a hotter day today but aside from the heat, along the shore, we are watching the rip current risk. it's all going to be later this week as well in part from hurricane cristobal. this is down to our south. it's right off the southeast coastline. you see it's very far away. it's just to the north of the bahamas. as we go into the next several days, it will get closer to us. then it will take a sharp turn away. right now it's a category 1 hurricane. when it stays offshore like this, even though it's farther away from the area, it will still be affecting our waters. it will provide swells. that will give us an increased risk for rip currents along the shore. this will continue until thursday. be careful if you are out there. you don't want to swim in this. we will talk about the risk and a look to your labor day weekend forecast coming up. smoke detectors didn't work and firefighters came to the rescue for several people.
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when firefighters arrived around 11:00 last night, they saw smoke but no one was standing outside of the apartment. firefighters ran into the building, pulled the fire alarm and knocked on doors and woke up res den residents. no one was hurt. no word on the cause. sky force 10 over this crash early this morning. a street sweeper and a car collided on the southbound side of the road. the crash snarled travel for several hours. no word what caused it. no one was hurt. could atlantic city's showboat stay afloat? word that caesars is showing the casino hotel to an interested party. they won't say who it is. the gaming enforcement division has issued a closing order for showboat. they plan to shut doors at 4:00 sunday. in addition to showboat's closing, revel hotel will shut down the next day. then revel casino will on
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september 2nd. trump plaza will shutter two weeks later. there's help for thousands of workers caught in the casino crisis. thousands of workers will be out on the street when all casinos close. now atlantic city will offer them employment training and help identify new opportunities for them. the program will help 1,200 workers a year and will be funded by the casino reinvestment authority. officials are dreaming up big concerts and events to bring tourists back. where will everyone park? it's a huge question. with the casinos closing, thousands of parking spaces could vanish. resort town might start next year's tourist season with 30% fewer spots than last year. the closing casinos have not said whether their garages might be available. nbc 10 reached out the mayor to see what the city has planned. we have not heard back. a potential fire hazard could be plugged into one of your electrical outlets at home
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right now. >> nbc 10 with a consumer recall involving millions of products that could overheat. monitoring travel troubles. a local football team gets ready to launch its season by taking off for an overseas flight. the threat that everyone on board and the ground is closely watching. mo'ne on the move. the most fame our little leaguer of all gets the red carpet treatment. today her latest brush with fame. plus this -- >> all of a sudden it just launched off the porch and came screaming at us. >> ferocious feline. the cat that is becoming a nuisance clawing into people and pets who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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the presidents of russia and ukraine met face to face to talk about the fighting. it doesn't look like putin and poroshenko are on common ground. poroshenko is looking for a compromise. putin is concerned about russia's economy. he insists ukraine's decision to sign an agreement with the european union is forcing him to protect his interests. in the middle east an open-ended cease-fire is in effect. the two sides announced today that they agreed to the truce
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after seven weeks of fighting. but there was violence until the cease-fire took affect. in gaza police say an israeli air strike brought down a building. it's the sixth high-rise to be toppled since the weekend. u.s. surveillance planes are flying over syria under orders from the president. >> this comes as the president weighs whether to expand the fight against isis terrorists into their home base in syria. brian moore has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama is not revealing his next more. he is talking about his motivation, protecting american citizens. as president obama was talking about a growing terror threat -- >> rooting out a cancer won't be
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easy and quick. >> reporter: news was breaking that an american citizen was killed in syria while fighting for isis. an example of the kind of home ground jihadist most feared by the u.s. government. >> not just the united states government but many western governments are concerned about the foreign fighters. going over there, getting radical and coming back. >> reporter: us air strikes are helping to push back isis advanced in iraq. the pentagon is preparing for the possibility of hitting isis where it lives, in syria. under orders from the president, u.s. military is flying surveillance missions over syria to identify possible targets. addressing the american legion in charlotte, the president had a message for the terrorist who executed james foley. >> america does not forget. our reach is long. we are patient. justice will be done. we have proved time and time
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again we will do what's necessary. >> reporter: punishing the terrorists means a major expansion of a fight few americans want. we're learning that isis is holding an american woman hostage. she's an american aid worker kidnapped last year in syria. in washington, i'm brian moore, nbc 10 news. summer may be unfortunately ending soon. but the temperatures are finally heating up. nbc 10 in old city this afternoon. a warm afternoon for a jog. some people tried to stay in the shade. those temperatures certainly were warming up, near 90 degrees through part of the area today. we still are right now. we keep heating up as we go through this week, especially into your weekend. a couple days will be in the low 80s. asides from that, we will track a hurricane, hurricane cristobal. this is far to our south and
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east, but it will affect the shore as we go through this week. your labor day weekend forecast. it will be a warm one. a live look out at center city from the adventure aquarium. we have been dry today. clouds around, but overall, we're still on the very warm side. near 90 right now. humidity is at 39%. it doesn't feel much hotter. winds are light. when you are outside in the sun with those light winds, not much of a breeze. it does feel hotter than a lot of the weekend this past weekend. 85 in allentown. many spots are in the mid 80s. 82 in glassboro. in the shore, mid to upper 70s. cooler as you get closer to the water. everyone is staying dry on the radar. we barely have clouds around. then look to the west. moving into the ohio area, cleveland about to see rain. it's part of a very weak cold front which will be moving through tomorrow. i will show you the forecast on
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that in a second. now we look to the south. hurricane cristobal, this is far away. it will stay offshore. it will continue to impact our rip currents along the shore. here is the track. wednesday and thursday, the dangerous rip currents continue. the storm moves away. it will be impacting our waters. if you are along the jersey shore or the delaware beaches, be very careful out there. here is a look at future weather. dry tonight. the weak cold front moving into ohio. but tomorrow morning we do stay dry. late in the day tomorrow, we could have a few isolated showers. these should be fairly light when we see them but not everyone will even see them. tonight, clear and mild, near 70 in philadelphia. tomorrow, mostly sunny and hot, slight chance of a shower. temperatures near 90 degrees tomorrow. then we go into thursday, after the weak cold front moves through. less humid. look at the high temperature, low 80s, ten degrees cooler than wednesday. friday we stay in the low 80s. going into the labor day
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weekend, we heat back up around 90. decision 2014, takes us to chester county where there was a call for tom wolf to release ten years of tax returns. wolf the democratic challenger of tom corbett. today the republican chairman, commissioner and sheriff held a news conference. they want wolf to disclose ten years of personal and corporate tax returns. he returned four years of partial returns in april. corbett has been critical of wolf saying he wants higher taxes for middle class families. an easter seals center in delaware shows how donations help people with disabilities. nbc 10 in wilmington as the vice president of the comcast foundation got a look for himself. easter seals programs received $25,000 each from the comcast
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assistive technology grant fund. a local family was there to show how technology leads to empowerment. c comcast is our parent company. another shot at stardom. >> a local girl gets ready to sing her heart out for a chance to win $1 million with the whole entire world watching. we are behind mara. traffic troublemakers. tonight why local drivers may have new reasons to hang their heads low. cat controversy. this feisty feline putting fear into people and pets who dare to cross its path.
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a mother and her five children were injured when a home exploded in a dallas neighborhood this morning. nothing is left but a pile of rubble. the family was alerted by an initial explosion and was able to get out before a second blast levelled the home. the family members suffered burns but are otherwise okay. neighbors reported smelling gas in the hours before the blast. louie free was in a car crash. he was the director of the fbi. he was hired by penn state to examine the handling of child sex abuse complaints involving
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former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the family of the two amish sisters allegedly abducted by this couple will hold a garage raising for many family who found the girls. the sisters knocked on a door after their cab tors released them. the family took the girls in, fed them and drove them home. the little girls, their siblings, parents and grandparents plan to build them a garage as a show of thanks. how about this? a house cat is terror icing people in texas. one resident was left with significant scratches. he doesn't want to be identified. the cat went after him while he was walking his dogs. >> cat jumped off a fence and ran towards the dogs and myself. i got in the way of the dogs to try and protect the dogs. the cat latched on my leg and
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scratched it. >> the owner of this cat says he doesn't attack people but has ran after dogs before. she says she wasn't home during the most recent incident. fear over foot wear. >> the new jersey teenagers targeted for their sneakers. tackling travel troubles. a football team about to take off while they watch a hazard for air travelers. bound for the beach. tonight what procrastinators can expe expect. new at 6:00, the surprise in the ceiling. what security cameras caught this man doing in a grocery store.
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right now at 5:30, a hot spot in the hot weather. certain to be a big attraction for the labor day holiday weekend. many may be wondering if there's room for them at the jersey shore. of course, plenty of people are guaranteed a room or rental because they booked early. >> then there are the procrastinators. that we will get to in a moment. live at 5:30 in ocean city, cydney long, you have been talking to realtors and vacationers. are there any vacancies out
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there? >> reporter: very few. but ironically, the answer is yes. gorgeous weather, what we are looking at right now. this is why tourism officials say occupancy rates here at the shore were 100% for most weekends throughout the summer. still realtors say they do have some properties up for grabs this labor day weekend. we checked on a few hotel spots as well. >> we were supposed to go a couple weeks ago but it fell through. >> reporter: this man will enjoy only the first half of labor day weekend at the shore. he booked his stay here last minute. you were last minute. did you get a good deal? >> no deal. no deal. full price. >> reporter: you are still having a great time? >> having an awesome time. >> reporter: no weekend-long availability. only one night left. >> everybody is calling.
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phones are ringing off the hook. we do have some availability on sunday. >> reporter: the handful of rooms will cost you $265 to $415 a night, depending on the view. >> summer has been great. we are up 30% from last year. we are starting to do bookings for next summer already. >> reporter: this man says some owners who advertise a week-long stay may be willing to offer the weekend only. >> they will go fast. because we're expecting great weather and we have lots to do. >> reporter: in cape may and wildwood, occupancy rates hit 100% most every weekend this summer. one property offering last-minute specials is this resort in wildwood crest. you will shell out $400 to $625. while some online travel sites are advertising some casino rooms in atlantic city discounted 60% for the weekend, we can tell you we did not find any holiday deals or specials on
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the couple of properties we checked in with today, which include trump plaza as well as tropicana. live in ocean city tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. it doesn't get better than taking a dip. several tubers made their own lazy river floating along the water. looks so good. will the hot weather continue as we move closer to the labor day weekend? >> sheena parveen is here with the answer. >> yes, it will. as we go into labor day weekend, we will be around 90. we did hit 90 today in philadelphia, first time so far this month. it hasn't been that hot of a summer when you think about the heat waves. we have only had a couple. temperatures for most of the time have been in the 80s. today we are hotter.
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right now at 88 in philadelphia. through the lehigh valley, the mid to low 80s. south jersey, low 80s. closer to the shore, around 78. at the airport, 78. the warmer weather will go into the labor day weekend. as far as tomorrow, it's going to be another hot day, 91. we have a chance for an isolated shower late in the day tomorrow. it's all part of of a weak cold front moving through. what that cold front will do is knock us down to the low 80s on thursday, less humidity. then going into the weekend, we warm back up into the 90s. we are watching a hurricane which is going to continue with the increased risk of rip currents along the shore. that forecast as well coming up. here are some of the stories making headlines at 5:30. we continue to follow two breaking news stories. a person of interest in the murders of two women over the weekend is charged in the case. a short time ago police arrested 25-year-old james mears.
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police say he is responsible for the deaths of dolly evans and ruby thomas. both were found shot in the head execution-style saturday night in their northeast philadelphia home. the other breaking story, one man in custodcustody. police now know the names of the other two suspects in a string of robberies. keith per kikins is on the left. new at 5:30, philadelphia police are asking for help identifying three robbery suspects after this video was released today. on sunday, police say the men in this video tried to rip off a parking attendant. surveillance cameras were rolling as they approached the attendant. the victim says the men demanded money and his cell phone. he quickly shut his door and the men ran off. police in new jersey are searching for a man who robbed two teenagers of a pair of
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sneakers at knife point. two 13 years chatted on line with a man who offered to pay $360 for a pair of sneakers. police say the boys met the man at a shopping center. he threatened them with a knife and made off with the shoes. >> 13-year-old boys should not meet strangers in parki ining l to do cash translations. >> popularity is ridiculous. >> last week a 16-year-old was robbed in a similar manner by a man who offer to buy an expensive pair of sneakers. penn state officials say they will leave for ireland tonight despite threats of an eruption in iceland. staff and managers loaded up trucks. more than 9,000 individual items and 20,000 pounds of cargo being shipped. officials say they are not worried about the volcano and insist safety is their number one priority. >> safety for the student
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athletes, for the penn state staff that are traveling to assist the team and obviously our fans. >> penn state plays the university of central florida. this is what's causing all that concern for penn state. the volcano. it's been shaken by thousands of earthquakes over the past week or so. in 2010, a volcanic eruption in iceland produced ash that caused a week of international aviation chaos. nbc's hit show "america's got talent" has two local contestants competing to stay alive in the semifinals. ♪ 24 acts are left with 12 performing tonight, including mara justine. 12 more acts perform next week. all are seeking spots in the next round.
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those advancing tonight will be announced tomorrow night. follow mara as she performed tonight only here on nbc 10. catch "america's got talent" live tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. what a voice. >> between those two and mo'ne davis, talented youngsters in our area. >> love to see that. local drivers have made it to the top of a new list. >> it's knock to brag about. drivers causing mayhem and why so many of them in our area are making such an impact, literally. all new at 6:00, a woman found dead in the woods along the jersey shore. the clues that could reveal what happened to her.
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for the third year in a row, philadelphia is said to have the worst drivers. the average driver in philadelphia is involved in a
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car accident every six years. philadelphians are 61% more likely to crash than the average american. where are the best drivers? apparently fort collins, colorado. what's the purpose of the report? in a statement allstate says all goal is to make the cities that fall on the bottom of the list safer places to live and raise families. a new study suggests how you get to work each day could affect your weight. british researchers surveyed more than 7,000 working adults about their daily commute and recorded their bmi and body fat measurements. they found people who walked, biked order u ed or used public transportation weighed less. when it comes to treating high blood pressure, sometimes it's bet to do it yourself. scientists had a group of patients monitor their blood pressure and adjust their medications at home. they weren't completely alone. any change in medication was
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okayed about you a doctor. those who took care of themselves at home had lower numbers. news that will have many people checking their electrical outlets. >> nbc 10 has information on a potential fire hazard in millions of homes. breezing through the windy city. philadelphia phenom mo'ne davis making the rounds and making a new impression on the national stage. the heat returns. i will tell you how hot it's going to get and if we will stay warm as we approach the labor day weekend in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, lessons learned from ferguson, missouri. the local plan to change the way our officers and the community interact.
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nearly 6 million hewlett-packard power cards are being recalled because of a potential fire hazard. they came with hp computers that were sold with ac adaptor powered stations. the cords can overheat and start a fire. if you have one of these cords, unplug it immediately. president obama unveiled several executive orders today aimed at correcting what he calls outrageous and inexcusable behavior at the v.a. >> did he so before meeting with one of the most powerful veterans groups. chris clackum with the story. >> reporter: three months after the v.a. was hammered for mishandling the healthcare of the nation's veterans, president obama promised the american legion to do everything can he to fix it. >> what we have come to learn is that the misconduct we have seen
5:46 pm
at too many facilities with long wait times it and veterans denied care, folks cooking the books is outrageous and inexcusable. >> reporter: at the national convention in charlotte, the president announced 19 new orders targeted at improving access to and actual healthcare veterans receive from the v.a. >> they were there for america. we now need to be there for them. >> reporter: but reaction among many legionnaires was tepid. >> whatever he says, he has to back it up with doing. >> has he done enough? >> i don't believe he has. >> reporter: the president comes to charlotte for the speech to the veterans group justs aan inspector general's report is set for release wednesday morning. in it the v.a. will reportedly apologize for delayed care and vows to improve it for america's 21 million former military
5:47 pm
personnel. the president's address is the latest administration response to the healthcare lapses that led to the resignation of erik shinseki in may. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. a great afternoon to dine out. nbc 10 in wilmington where people took advantage of today's warm temperatures to eat lunch outside on market street. a warm day today. not too much of a breeze out there right now either. so the temperatures really feel on the warm side. today we did hit 90 in philadelphia. the first 90-degree temperature this august. we didn't even hit 90 last august either. things are getting a little warmer, go figure. summer is almost over and we're finally getting 90s in the forecast. we are tracking hurricane cristobal. this is far down to the south, but it will affect our coastal waters as it moves by later on
5:48 pm
this week. labor day weekend, your forecast for that and it will be a hot one. some of you might want the hot temperatures. 85 in allentown. 82 in pottstown. 86 in wilmington. near 90 degrees in philadelphia. 83 in millville. closer to the shore, cooler, mid to upper 70s. a live look at citizens bank park. sunny conditions and very warm temperatures. we are still near 90 in philadelphia for the phillies game this evening. right now, we are dry. we expect to stay dry as we go through tonight. no rain affecting the phillies tonight. we do have rain back off to our west and northwest. this is part of a very weak cold front. could give us showers late in the day tomorrow. but most of us, for most of the day, will stay dry. now the hurricane, hurricane cristobal. this is far away in the atlantic. it will be staying away, too. the track right now, it's a category 1 hurricane. it takes it to the north and
5:49 pm
curves it away from the area. we don't have to worry about it making a direct impact in the u.s. as it does move by, it will be impacting our coastline. the rip current risk will stay high until about thursday -- through thursday. strong rip currents at the store and delaware beaches. you don't want to swim and especially where there are no lifeguards, you don't want to be swimming in those areas. future weather for tonight, we stay dry. tomorrow, we stay dry most of the day. sunny and hot. there's that weak cold front. possibly a few showers moving through. but otherwise, we're going to be seeing another around 90-degree temperature day tomorrow. not along the shore. it will be around the low 80s. the rip current risk in the forecast tomorrow and thursday along the shore. but inland, another very hot day tomorrow. tonight, clear and mild, 68 for the low in philadelphia, 61 north and west. tomorrow sunny with a very slight chance for an afternoon shower or early evening shower. temperatures stay around 91. the average high is 84.
5:50 pm
on thursday, low 80s. same thing friday. into your labor day weekend, around 90 degrees almost every day. next chance of thunderstorms, mostly looks like labor day monday. from our south jersey bureau, a community is not just byob. last week a cafe became the first business to legally sell alcohol in the town's 110-year history. they do not issue liquor licenses. the owner got permission from the state to act as an outlet for a local winery. he can only sell their wine. other places hope to set up this, too. this town has competition. the new jersey chapter of the american planning association is running a contest. some students are geared up for school thanks for volunteers from a bank. nbc 10 in norristown.
5:51 pm
citizens bank delivered 400 new backpacks filled with school supplies to an organization that helps children in need. the kids got to pick out their favorite color. it's part of the initiative called gear for grades. >> as parents, we know school starts next week. this helps the families -- low-income families bring their children to school well prepared. >> the total of 22,000 backpacks will be distributed across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. this digital exclusive story. finding ecofriendly products in local small businesses has gotten easier thanks to a new app designed right here in philadelphia. it's milkcrate. it will show you what businesses are being good to mother nature. on on our mobile app, here from the creator and how they make sure the companies are green. it's a digital exclusive story
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you will only find from it's almost time to celebrate the taney dragons. >> the city prepares for a parade. first, the most famous little leaguer in the country makes another stop on the circuit to stardom. we will tell about you mo'ne davis' high profile appearance today in front of the lights and cameras. all new at 6:00, cheese steaks on the move. the local restaurant that is taking on a new challenge.
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the city of philadelphia will hold a parade tomorrow in honor of the taney dragons. >> but mo'ne mania swept through chicago today. john boruk has more. she's a huge hit. >> absolutely. mo'ne davis' whirlwind couple of weeks has yet to subside. she was in new york yesterday. this afternoon, it was chicago for a taping of the steve harvey show. the episode will air at an undetermined future date. she showed off her dancing skills on set. more on her visit coming up at 6:00. we will hear from mo'ne on her new-found fame. the phillies will honor mo'ne  and her teammates prior to their
5:56 pm
game with the washington nationals. let's send it back to you. this reminder for taney fans. show your spirit. go to innocent to print out your own placard that you can hold to cheer on the team tomorrow. coming up at 6:00, we are following breaking news tonight. there's an arrest in the murders of two women in a philadelphia home. we're live at police headquarters digging for new details. i'm checking if the weather will hold out for labor day weekend. your last taste of summer. don't miss my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, allegations of police brutality. the confrontation that a local man says led to his teeth getting knocked out. it's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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that breaking news is an arrest. in the murder of two women in philadelphia. this is 25-year-old james mears. officers say he shot his victims executi execution-style. they were discovered saturday afternoon at a home in the holmesburg section of the city. rose mary connors live at philadelphia police headquarters. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just spoke to the
5:59 pm
homicide captain within of the past 30 minutes. he gave us this mug shot of 25-year-old james mears. here is say look at his picture. they have been talking to him since yesterday. that's what we have been reporting since yesterday, that they zeroed in on him over the weekend and they brought him in for questioning. police tell us that he has a violent criminal history. he just gout off the prison a few months ago. police tell us that in this case, robbery is the motive. according to investigators, he stole $500 from one of his victims, 67-year-old dolly evans. he shot her execution-style in the head to get his hands on the cash. it was early saturday night, just after 5:30, when this unfolded on vista street. james mears killed dolly first. and then he went upstairs to kill his second victim, ruby thomas. he tried to starangle her. she was allowed to come into this home because he needed a
6:00 pm
place to stay. they tell us this disturbed the community and they are glad they can give them closure. >> it's very disturbing. it's a very cold-blooded act and heartless act. you have an individual that these two females let into their heart out of the goodness of their hearts. he turned on them, robbed them and takes both of their lives away. it's a hardless and cold-blooded act. we're very happy we were able to arrest him. >> reporter: 25-year-old james mears has been charged with the murders of dolly evans and ruby thomas. he is awaiting arrangement right now. live from police headquarters, i'm rose mary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a philadelphia courtroom cleared of spec tatatospectator. this was part of the testimony of christina


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